The textile shawl (from Persian: lang-Urdu شال shāl), may have derived its name from Hindi duśālā, ultimately from Sanskrit: śāṭī. It is a wrap or a drape, loosely worn over the shoulders, upper body and arms, and sometimes also over the head. It is usually a rectangular or square piece of cloth.
Drawing inspiration from the ancestry of the jungles and the mountains , I bring to you shawls of Mora 2021 collaging regions of Ladakh, Nepal, Nagaland, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh among others. These shawls are my homage to the indigenous communities across the world who have kept alive the original form of a piece of clothing, that is believed to be one of the oldest piece of clothing used by humans. When they discovered a loom, they discovered a shawl.

Wide Shawl

Range of Length: 90-100 inches
Range of Width: 36 inches to 40 inches

Narrow Shawl

Range of Length: 85-95 inches 
Range of Width: 30-35 inches
We do provide shirt/ kurta/ pants fabrics if someone wishes me to design a complete ensemble palette. The cost of these fabrics is additional to the cost of shawl. I can suggest stitching patterns that could compliment the look of the Shawl. However, at this stage I am unable to engage myself in the responsibility of tailoring orders
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