Proudly homemade
I met a passionate textile entrepreneur recently. She had come to the mountains to get a break from her hectic work schedule to find some resolution for her heart. It is a good chance encounter that we got to have a meaningful conversation. I was on the first floor of the cottage just below the open...
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Stitching of Sari is a harmless and inclusive choice
Saris are generally considered to be an unstitched garment. And, without a doubt, have been changing extensively from their original form. They have even accommodated the colonial inclusion of blouse and petticoat to the original idea of being a blouse-less garment, tied into hundreds of ways accord...
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How I got schooled by wise people of the hills and mountains
I am Ritika, Akala, KedutTshulo and myraid other names that I received as an offering of acceptance and belonging along the road. With a wonder to experience a life beyond the defined boxes available in the urban context, I was confronted with a choice for change. This led to the beginning of explor...
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Buyer Empowerments
Many organisations work tirelessly, looking after the interest of the artisans, uplifting them. Yet invariably pushing down further marginalisation while worshipping the patrons so as to keep their project/ mission sustainable. They are dependent on the patrons to get funds to keep their mission run...
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Letter to the Fireflies
Let me begin by narrating a story that I have repeated often. The more often I tell it, the more often I am asked to say it again. It is the story of how you came to be my fireflies....
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Thebvo Project: A thread that binds
Thebvo Project supports the indigenous craft of making textiles out of stinging nettle plant called Thebvo (in Kuzhale dialect). Thebvo Project extends to Zuketsa region of Phek district, Nagaland. It is a Research, Art & Documentation based livelihood, up-skilling and Indigenous Culture Retention p...
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