Jijivisha जिजीविषा

Asymmetrical patchwork border in a cotton dupatta
Spoken for
“I do not conceal myself: For me, delicacy manifests itself neither in weakness nor in subtlety, but through determination and will. So, I draw attention to myself. I’m not afraid of other colours, shadows, crowds or even of loneliness. How wonderful it is to cover a surface that awaits me with my own victorious being! Wherever I’m spread, I see eyes shine, passions increase, eyebrows rise and heartbeats quicken. Behold how wonderful it is to live! Behold how wonderful to see. I am everywhere. Life begins with and returns to me. Have faith in what I tell you.”

That desire to be unapologetically myself, while thriving through all my flaws and glows. That passion to walk without fear of what others may think of me. That confidence that radiates through my inner being reaching out to your inner being. That will to walk the distance that I found the hardest to walk. That jijivisha.

Buyer Empowerments

Diverse cotton fabrics bound together into a dupatta.
One of a kind wearable textile crafted using up-cycled textile remains of injured, reject textiles. Creating an intricate patchwork of prints, stripes and various geometries using colours that speak of passion to live, passion to thrive.
Weather/ Mood
Pleasant- perfect for summers
Not fragile
Dry Clean only; Needs “Airing” in shadow, not direct sun. Do not wring
Ready to wear
Few fabrics mill spun mercerised cotton yarn with Azo-free dyeing. Other sourced fabrics, soul of yarn unknown.
Casual, fun, light-hearted, modern
Slow production. Fabric scrap Up-cycling to reduce textile waste
Patchwork management by Madhu Mittal, Bathinda, Punjab.
Stitched by Gurmel Singh, Jalalabad, Punjab.
Beadwork: Param, Bathinda, Punjab.
Imperfections in the weaves reflect handmade
Irregularity in the dyes reflect natural process
Innocent spots in the textiles reflect being homemade
A work of nature cannot be sterile and error-free
A choice to still buy what we make is a step
Towards supporting original culture
Of people
Of nature
Of craft

A celebration of humanness.
Mora Collective 2024
designed by: MIDTOAN