Lagom बस, काफी है।

Stripes in cotton in a collage
with narrow panels of back strap
weaves of Nagaland.
Lagom is a Swedish word to espouse their culture of ‘just the right amount”, where you don’t want to ‘stand out’ by having or doing too much. Something that is neither too much, nor too little, but just right.

I call this dupatta Lagom, because it speaks through the feeling of just enough!
Subtle, yet not plain.
Simple, but not boring.
Less, but not invisible.

To the eyes seeking the joy in this state of heart, this will resonate silently and effortlessly.

Buyer Empowerments

Diverse cotton fabrics bound together into a dupatta
One of a kind wearable textile where up-cycled textile remains of injured, reject cotton textiles are contextualised with subtle use of back strap loom woven border narrow panels woven in Nagaland. A representation as a prototype of what potential resides in the dormant textile scrap when seen with fresh eyes.
Weather/ Mood
Pleasant- perfect for summers
Not fragile
Dry Clean only; Needs “Airing” in shadow, not direct sun. Do not wring.
Ready to wear
Few fabrics mill spun mercerised cotton yarn with Azo-free dyeing. Other sourced fabrics, soul of yarn unknown.
Casual, fun, light-hearted, modern
Slow production. Fabric scrap Up-cycling to reduce textile waste. Back strap loom weaves are made in support of the ancient loom and the weavers who have carried forward the lineage. Solidarity with weavers of Nagaland- grassroots rural home production.
Back strap weaves woven in Nagaland.
Stitched by Gurmel Singh, Jalalabad, Punjab.
Beadwork by Param, Bathinda, Punjab.
Imperfections in the weaves reflect handmade
Irregularity in the dyes reflect natural process
Innocent spots in the textiles reflect being homemade
A work of nature cannot be sterile and error-free
A choice to still buy what we make is a step
Towards supporting original culture
Of people
Of nature
Of craft

A celebration of humanness.
Mora Collective 2024
designed by: MIDTOAN