Cherry Blossoms

Cotton patchwork into a dupatta
“Pink is not my colour.” This was my inner voice! Then I self-checked. Look again, my heart. What do you resist here?

The expectation of strength growing up as a woman in India has toughened me up brutally. I resist gentleness sometimes. Pink is associated with “girl”. It is associated with “soft”. I have resisted both titles all my life.

Not anymore my heart. Settle my heart. Pink does not determine the gentleness of my heart. I determine my gentleness. I determine my strength. Pink does not make me appear soft. I am soft. And I am gentle. And I am strong.

I accept pink now. It reminds me of the time I saw cherry blossoms blooming in Nagaland. I was so happy when I saw them in full blossom everywhere. It is the colour nature fills up the earth with during certain parts of the year, how can I deny it? How can I not love it? This pink exists in nature! It survives in nature! It is gently strong. It is assertive. It is understanding.

Pink is not gender. Pink tells us some people stereotype gender. Drop stereotypes. Accept pink.

Buyer Empowerments

Diverse cotton fabrics bound together into a dupatta
One of a kind wearable textile where I used familiar textiles in a new setting. I have also not used these colours before. So, it was interesting to retain the gentleness of that cherry blossom pink, yet also pull it out of the stereotyping.
Weather/ Mood
Pleasant- perfect for summers
Not fragile.
Dry Clean only; Needs “Airing” in shadow, not direct sun
Ready to wear
Few fabrics mill spun mercerised cotton yarn with Azo-free dyeing. Other sourced fabrics, soul of yarn unknown.
Slow production. Fabric scrap Up-cycling
Casual, fun, light-hearted, modern
Stitched by Gurmel Singh, Jalalabad, Punjab
Beadwork: Param, Bathinda, Punjab
Imperfections in the weaves reflect handmade
Irregularity in the dyes reflect natural process
Innocent spots in the textiles reflect being homemade
A work of nature cannot be sterile and error-free
A choice to still buy what we make is a step
Towards supporting original culture
Of people
Of nature
Of craft

A celebration of humanness.
Mora Collective 2024
designed by: MIDTOAN