Kali means pleats, or panels.
daar means the one who possesses,
holds, "has". Together it becomes
"the one with kalis”.
Mora's adaptation of kalidaars celebrate the stitched garment forms of traditional India that have survived the waves of change and aesthetics in the global context. Kalidaars still find relevance during a time of celebration, where one can either wear it as a traditional ensemble, or can just play with a casual mood by wearing kalidaar with a top/ shirt, with or without dupatta.

This comes as a three piece ensemble of a kalidaar Ghagra (a skirt); a dupatta (a wrap); and fabric for making a blouse/ kurti.
Kalidaar Ghagra
Average length: 36 to 38 inches Waist range (with draw string) and zipper: 36-37 inches (one size fits many)
Kalidaar’s Dupatta
Average length: 34 to 36 inches Average Width: 95-100 inches. Some ensembles are designed with Dupatta attached to Kalidaar. They are removable. Most ensembles have a dupatta that is not attached to the kalidaar.
Kalidaar’s Blouse fabric
All kalidaars come with blouse fabric. Some kalidaars are given 2 blouse fabrics so that two can share. Or sometimes, a summer and winter blouse is also given as an option. This decision is mostly intuitional.
Average width: 40 inches
Average length: 40 inches- 60 inches (to offer range to make blouse, to short Kurti, sleeveless to long sleeves)
May have border attachments with the fabric (for creative aspect)
Mora Collective 2024
designed by: MIDTOAN