How to bring your Mora home

As you all are already aware that Mora is not an online store, though we have been available online since 2009 whenever a collection is put together. This is a collection I am sharing after many years of work and it will remain a work in progress through this year.

The process remains the same as all the other years. The buyers who have been with me since the beginning will not find it difficult to grasp. For new buyers, I am listing out the process flow clearly. For any further queries, please write to me at [email protected].

Each textile will have a separate page carrying a unique name with a unique code.

  1. Once you have shortlisted your favourites, you can send me an email, with the codes of the ones you like and would like to get further details of. Please send your email only once during this stage as I will be following chronological order in answering the emails attending to earliest ones first. Resending your email will only delay the response. In case you have additional requests, please start a new email thread. Please do not send more than 6 detail-requests in a single email thread. The title of the email needs to be addressed with the following subject: “Mora wishlist” - <your name> - <serial order of your email in case of 2 or more emails>. E.g. subject: Mora wishlist - Ritika - 3, in the event of a third email.


  2. Please send your mora Wishlist in the order of your liking with the most cherished one to top. This is to ensure that you are able to get at least one of the choices from the list if it suits your criteria.


  3. To confirm your choice, please edit the subject of the email to “mora confirmation” - <your name> - <codes of your choices>
    E.g. subject: Mora confirmation - Ritika - MR21000 .
    In case of many codes, you can just add code of one of the choices.


  4. Once any mora is confirmed by a buyer, we will update the story with a title “spoken for” with red mora bindi dot.


  5. Once the buyer confirms the booking, we will continue to follow up on further process of shipping and payments. The buyer must confirm their booking within 2 days of holding up of their mora. We will put back that mora as available after two days in case the buyer becomes unresponsive on the final process.


  6. Mora shipping cost within India is included. Shipping cost to international destinations will depend upon weight and destination and details will be shared at the time of booking.

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