Striped patchwork of cottons | Stole
Spoken for
This is a double sided stole.

I have brought an intentional contrast with bold usage of colours in the stripe-patterned patchwork set in harmony through apparent monotones.

To make striped patchwork, the stitching craftsmen must assume single mind focus. Out tailor, Gurmel Singh blocks out all other distractions and carefully engages in picking each tiniest piece of fabric and aligning into the desired geometry. He then engages with it through cutting, ironing, aligning, joining, recutting, ironing, aligning, joining each box to construct new stripes. Over few days of meticulously joining each of these tiny scraps, a striped form of patches takes shape.

Aria is one of a kind textile designed to highlight a unique coming together of various techniques and creativity of handcraft. This design will not be recreated.

Buyer Empowerments

Cotton fabric shreds bound together into patchwork. Fabric shred up-cycling and re-purposing.
One of a kind wearable textile that celebrates the integral fire. The repetition of different shades of mehroon, red, orange and and hints of brown through patterns created by prints and textures bring forth a fierce energy! I also enjoyed giving this side subtle touch of colour through woven motifs into cotton.
Weather/ Mood
Pleasant- okay for summers to nippy evenings
Not fragile. Steadfast stitching.
Dry Clean only; Needs “Airing” in shadow, not direct sun. Do not wring for longevity of patchwork stitches.
Ready to wear
Few fabrics mill spun mercerised cotton yarn with Azo-free dyeing. Other sourced fabrics, soul of yarn unknown.
Stunning, statement, elegant & modern
Slow production. Up-cycling of textile remains of injured, reject textiles to reduce textile/fabric scrap waste
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Patchwork management by Madhu Mittal, Punjab.

Stitched by Gurmel Singh, Jalalabad, Punjab.

Beadwork by Param, Bathinda, Punjab.
Imperfections in the weaves reflect handmade
Irregularity in the dyes reflect natural process
Innocent spots in the textiles reflect being homemade
A work of nature cannot be sterile and error-free
A choice to still buy what we make is a step
Towards supporting original culture
Of people
Of nature
Of craft

A celebration of humanness.
Mora Collective 2024
designed by: MIDTOAN