Cotton patchwork into a dupatta
Spoken for
I name this shawl Oasis, not only because of the reminder from the choice of colours but also because of the design intention used in this dupatta.

When we experience a lack, we are given an opportunity to feel the abundance. Both exist simultaneously. Taking this forward, I have designed this dupatta in a way that when its seen as a passing quick glance, it may appear like it holds nothing much, a “lack”. Look closer and you will see every little intricate detail, the “abundance" That closer look is like an oasis in the desert. Only those seeking will see it.

Look closer and you will find many fabrics coming together to form the border. You will also see a repetition of three dots, I call them them the trinity reminder. Some further geometry will show up. The more you seek in it, you will see the clarity on intention in it. And that is exactly where I want to take you, to the Oasis, through the desert wind!

Buyer Empowerments

Cotton fabrics bound together with a patchwork border
One of a kind wearable textile where I used a more substantial patchwork border with light cotton fabrics, lending an interesting drape.
Weather/ Mood
Pleasant- perfect for summers
Not fragile
Dry Clean only; Needs “Airing” in shadow, not direct sun
Ready to wear
Mill spun cotton yarn. Source of dye unknown to the artisan.
Created livelihood opportunities for stitching patchworks. Mora Textile waste re-purposed instead of being thrown into waste hills. Following least-waste workshop model. Up-cycling, Re-purpose, Shreds to fabric.
Casual, fun, light-hearted, modern
Patchwork management by Madhu Mittal.
Stitched by Gurmel Singh, Jalalabad, Punjab.
Beadwork: Param, Bathinda, Punjab.
Imperfections in the weaves reflect handmade
Irregularity in the dyes reflect natural process
Innocent spots in the textiles reflect being homemade
A work of nature cannot be sterile and error-free
A choice to still buy what we make is a step
Towards supporting original culture
Of people
Of nature
Of craft

A celebration of humanness.
Mora Collective 2024
designed by: MIDTOAN